Turkish coffee meets bellydance at the London Coffee Festival


It’s Turkish delight but not as we know it. In April, Melisa performed at the London Coffee Festival, a five-day event for industry and consumers alike. A total of 22,000 people visited the festival, which took place at the Old Truman Brewery, in East London. Launching the UK’s Coffee Week, the festival celebrated all things coffee: from sampling artisan coffee brands, to demonstrations from world-class baristas, along with live music, DJs and bellydancing!

Melisa danced at the London Coffee Festival on Friday 4 April – a trade day – following an invitation from Aysin Aydogdu, a Master Barista whose family own Mamochino, a well-known coffee brand. Aysin had first seen Melisa dance at a restaurant in London some six years ago and got in touch. She asked Melisa to perform as an extension of their stall’s offering at various coffee festivals in venues such as Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre and leading Turkish restaurants including Ishtar and Ottoman Palace. Their connection has continued ever since.

With Mamochino’s product range including Turkish coffee, Melisa opted to create a Turkish-inspired set for London Coffee Festival. She opened her 3-song set with her stunning sword dance, while Aysin, a former Cezve Ibrik UK Champion, showed off her expert coffee-making skills serving up Turkish coffee with a creative twist. The pair drew a big audience.

After the show, Melisa also indulged in some seriously good coffee. She sipped on her Turkish coffee before receiving a coffee fortune reading. She then sampled some caramel latte and then set off back to West London with a Vietnamese coffee take-out.

She said, “I enjoy participating in different types of events and this certainly was. I love the smell of coffee too. It’s a big part of so many people’s lives all over the world – whether you need it to wake up in the mornings or as a daytime treat. It’s a great idea to create a festival around it and as the sell-out crowds proved, there is a lot of interest – there are just so many new coffee flavours to try!”

Melisa added, “Congratulations also to Aysin and her family. They work very hard all around the world, operating their coffee shops and selling their different products. They take their Turkish coffee very seriously and Aysin has such great creative flair. I’m so proud of her. It’s always a pleasure working with her.”


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