The Inner You

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For anyone who has met me, you will know I am passionate about life and my job as a dancer. From a young age I have seen what a powerful combination music and dance is, providing us with one of the most amazing ways to express ourselves. Dance empowers us to let go, to ride with our feelings and emotions and create whatever movements our minds and bodies desire.

Bellydancing is an art form that helps bring out our femininity. As a woman, I want to feel good within my own skin. It is not about our body size or shape, but learning to accept ourselves as we are and to enjoy the physical gifts we are given. So I shake my breasts, belly and hips with pride! In classes or on stage, we learn and share this beautiful dance, improving our physical and emotional wellbeing, and developing wonderful friendships along the way.

Any woman can benefit from bellydancing. It is not just about having the right techniques, but drawing on our inner emotions as part of our performance, whether they are angry or sad or happy. We show our feelings from the tips of our fingers through to our toes. We learn to appreciate our bodies far more, controlling our breathing and movements, which in turn leads us to find new ways of relaxing.

Meditation is an important means of finding our inner balance and essence. Rushing around with our busy lives, too many of us fail to live in the moment and enjoy what is around us. Activities like yoga help us to achieve our inner peace. Other forms of quiet reflection, such as a walk in the park or listening to the birds can also help create a sense of calm.

Every night I love to look at the sky. It is a habit I developed as child in our village, sleeping on the roof top in the summer nights, gazing at the moon and stars. While the stars are not so easy to see in London, I still look out at the moon every night before I sleep.

The Inner You is important. We are always going to have down days and be exposed to negative energy. Yet people working together can overcome anything! It starts from within. Simple things such as body movements (dance) and locating our deeper consciousness (meditation) help us reach our inner essence, which are so vital to our wellbeing. And by connecting with the outer world, with people and nature, we can celebrate our existence and find ways to transform those elements we do not like.

So cherish the moment, and stay blessed and beautiful!

Love Melisa x