“Melisa’s performance is enchanting. You follow her every move. She is both sensuous and mystical as she gracefully demonstrates the full beauty of this ancient dance. She uses her props effortlessly, offering a performance packed full of colour, glamour and conviction. As an event organiser I would not hesitate to employ her services again. I found her punctual, friendly and totally professional, and the audience loved her.”

Ruby James, Managing Director, RPJ Events

“It was a delightful experience to meet and work with Melisa. Although tired from international travel, her professionalism carried through our exceptionally long interview. Her jovial and humorous manner left an impression on the entire TV crew.

Melisa’s dedication to her profession, coupled with her deep insight into belly dancing’s background, aesthetic nature and expressiveness is evident in both her commentary and her dancing. Much more than just being a performer, her ambition to incorporate dancing into self development and expression through workshops and beyond is a cause that should be supported and celebrated.” “

Onur Kumbaracıbaşı – News Editor, Fox TV

“Dance is integral to one’s sense of well being and allows you to develop a deeper awareness of your body. Oriental dance has been crucial in contributing to my development as a dancer.

Melisa Yavas is an incredible performer. She is renowned across London for her unique Turkish style, and continues to study, teach and perform to advance this art form. Her performances are enthralling and she is able to move with great fluidity, inspiring others to participate and enjoy the experience to the absolute.”

Neshe – UK Belly Dancer, London