Melisa performs in Babutsa Ali’s new…

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Melisa performs in Babutsa Ali’s new Turkish pop video

Bellydancer Melisa Yavas appears in the music video for Bir Şartla, the new single released in Turkey by former Babutsa frontman Ali Sönmez. The lively track by the London-based Turkish Cypriot singer is a fusion of Spanish flamenco and Balkan beats, with Melisa seen dancing whenever the Oriental rhythms kick in.

The Bir Şartla video is being broadcast on Kral TV – Turkey’s leading music channel –racking up over 60,000 views on YouTube in the first few weeks of its release.

Directed by Ersin Atlı and filmed in Dalston, East London, at the end of May, the simple 3-minute black and white clip features Ali Sönmez with his band and two dancers: one Flamenco, the other Oriental.

Melisa is seen wearing a stunning bellydance outfit: embroidered bra top, long split skirt, with tassel belt and arm accessories. Her silhouette is on screen each time the chorus starts. Around the 2.35 minute mark, the video spotlight turns on her during a 15-second instrumental: Melisa twirls with a veil then shimmy shakes her hips and tosses her long hair as the trumpet and darbuka play.

She received the call to appear in the video from Doğucan Ünüvar, who has previously managed Babutsa and has seen Melisa perform at multiple events that he has organised in London. She was given the song to listen to before filming and then danced as directed by Atlı.

Melisa said: “It’s the first time I’ve worked with Ersin [Atlı] and he was clear on what he wanted from me. We had a very long day of filming, but as all the musicians involved are my friends we joked around and had a lot of laughs as we waited. The end result is great!”

She added, “The song has a really catchy beat – it’s very easy to dance to. It would be great to hear more of this kind of music in clubs!”

Melisa has performed live on stage with many renowned artists from around the world including Ilhan Ersahin, Abdelkader Saadoun, U-CEF, and Enzo Zirilli. However this is only her second pop video, having previously appeared in a clip for a Swedish band filmed by Turkish director Mustafa Boga.

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